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USTED PUEDE AYUDAR A JAPÓN si ejecuta un sitio web mediante la inserción de un fragmento de javascript. Se instala una pequeña barra de herramientas en la parte superior de su sitio de alerta a los visitantes que pueden hacer una donación a Médicos Sin Fronteras, la Cruz Roja, o de una organización benéfica de su elección si lo personalizar. Usted puede ver lo que la barra de herramientas se ve como en la parte superior de nuestro sitio de Puerto Viejo Información de la web, Costa Rica:

Obtener el código aquí:

YOU CAN HELP JAPAN if you run a web site by inserting a snippet of javascript. It installs a small toolbar at the top of your site alerting visitors that they can make a donation to Doctors Without Borders, the Red Cross, or a charity of your choosing if you customize it. You can see what the tool bar looks like at the top of our Puerto Viejo Info Costa Rica web site:

Get the code here:

Costa Caribe – surf sólido sobre la cabeza a partir del miércoles y duradera que el resto de la semana que viene de la ENE. El sábado que recoge otro 1-2 pies haciendo grandes condiciones para el reef breaks para el fin de semana. Beachbreaks puede ser cerrado.

Más información:

Caribbean Coast – Solid overhead surf starting Wednesday and lasting the rest of the week coming from the ENE. Saturday it picks up another 1-2 feet making great conditions for the reef breaks for the weekend. Beachbreaks may be closed out.

For more info see:

Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica, nombrado como uno de los principales destinos por Frommer’s Para el 2011

Por Eliot Greenspan

Puerto Viejo es el punto más caliente en la costa caribeña de Costa Rica. Y no estoy hablando sólo de la frecuencia de calor sofocante. Los surfistas, mochileros, y Costa Rica, conocedores del tesoro Puerto Viejo y sus playas de los alrededores, los ríos y los bosques. Sin embargo, de riesgo muy pocos visitantes a distancia del país de la costa sur del Caribe, que es una vergüenza. Un pequeño pueblo al frente de un pequeño puerto protegido, Puerto Viejo ofrece hasta excelentes restaurantes, bares de rock, y la riqueza de oportunidades de turismo y aventura.

Read more:

Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica Named One Of Frommer’s Top Destinations For 2011

By Eliot Greenspan

Puerto Viejo is the hottest spot on Costa Rica’s Caribbean coast. And I’m not just talking about the often stifling heat. Surfers, backpackers, and Costa Rican cognoscenti treasure Puerto Viejo and its surrounding beaches, rivers, and rainforests. Still, very few visitors venture to the country’s remote southern Caribbean coast, which is a shame. A tiny town fronting a small protected harbor, Puerto Viejo offers up excellent restaurants, rocking bars, and wealth of tour and adventure opportunities.

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The Puerto Viejo Open Pro site has announced that the next surf competition will be at Colces Beach on February 5th, 2011. $3000 dollars in cash and prizes available.

Contact Beto at 506-8885-9688 or email for more information.

Blog This Site!

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Want to become the blogger for this site?
We’re looking for one!

We recently changed the focus of this site, along with the domain name. We used to be Tropical Reservations, a small tour and accommodations business in downtown Puerto Viejo. After 5-1/2 years of living on the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica, we decided to come back home. So we closed the shop and moved back to the US.

But this site continues to gain traffic. Why? Because of the superior, relevant content about the Puerto Viejo area, the beaches, transportation, and the awesome dynamic weather page, which is the best source of weather information on the Caribbean coast.

So, we slapped up a couple of Google AdSense ads for a little extra income, changed the domain name and focus of the site from reservations and tours to an information portal about the Puerto Viejo area.

So here’s the deal. If you’d like to become the blogger for this site, you can if you meet the requirements. You’ll get the benefits of an awesome site about the Puerto Viejo area already filled with great content, existing internet traffic, and you can use the blog to promote yourself, your products or your services. If you do tours in the Puerto Viejo Area, you can promote them here as well.


  1. You must live in the Puerto Viejo area full time and have been living there for at least a year. We want someone who loves the area and knows what they’re talking about regarding what’s happening there.
  2. You must be willing to work on a regular basis to keep the pages of the site up to date, especially regarding road conditions, weather alerts, and news and events.
  3. Your blog posts must be related to the Puerto Viejo area. The site must retain it’s laser focus and not go off on irrelevant subject matter. You can promote yourself, your products and your services if they are unique to the area.
  4. You must submit samples of your writing for review.
  5. The content that you submit to the site must remain there, even if you walk away from the deal.

That’s it. We keep it pretty simple. There’s no contract, no long term commitments. If you provide fresh, relevant material on a regular basis you’ll be allowed to use the site as an advertising vehicle for your own needs as long as it’s related to Puerto Viejo and the surrounding area.

If you think you qualify just use the Contact Form to send us your email, tell us about yourself, and how we can see some of your writing.

Pura Vida!

We now have a Facebook Fan Page at Puerto Viejo Costa Rica Information.

You can become a fan by clicking the Like button on the sidebar at left at the very bottom <—  ;^)

Our Resource Partners

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Please see notes and disclaimer below.

Conditions normal, route is OPEN.


CAUTION Km 33, 500 meters before Daniel Gutierrez Dam: Fortuna – San Ramon, passage authorized for the two lanes for light vehicles only.


See Margartia Road Map.

The Sixaola Route is OPEN and buses are running regularly.

The Sixaola border crossing is OPEN.

The Coastal Highway between Almirante/Changuinola and David/Panama City is OPEN.


Click here for Current Weather Conditions

NOTES and Disclaimer: This information is presented for references only in helping you plan your trip, we cannot be held responsible for it’s validity. Although we do our very best to insure the quality of these reports, we make no guarantees regarding their accuracy. The report is compiled from several sources, including the Costa Rican Transito Police web site (which is not always current at any given hour), our communications with the public bus authorities and eye witness reports. Road conditions in Costa Rica can change very quickly during heavy rains, etc. When landslides, washouts, vehicle breakdowns, etc. occur, it can be some time before anyone is notified. To double check if the major routes are open at any given time, you can call the bus company: Transportes Mepe: San José : (506) 2257-8129 • Limón : (506) 2758-1572 • Puerto Viejo : (506) 2750-0023

IF YOU KNOW OR HAVE WITNESSED that any current road conditions are different than what is shown here,
PLEASE SEND US A COMMENT and we will update this page as quickly as possible.

The alert for Tropical Depression Ida has been lifted for Costa Rica. The forecast for the Caribbean coast is for moderate rain and decreasing influence of the storm over the nation for Friday.

The Instituto Meteorológico Nacional of Costa Rica has issued an alert regarding Tropical Depression Ida. Ida has intensified to a tropical storm and as of 4pm Nov 5th was located 120 km east of Bluefields, Nicaragua. It is moving at 9 km/h toward the central part of Nicaragua.

IMN forecasts that the system will generate rainfall of varying intensity and windy conditions on the northern Caribbean coast. Caution is advised in the maritime sector due adverse conditions caused by heavy swells in the North Caribbean and Guanacaste.

Be vigilant in areas vulnerable to flooding and landslides in the North Caribbean. In the Valley Central, the activity will be moderate and intermittent.

English is the official site for everything that’s happening in Puerto Viejo de Talamanca, Costa Rica and the south Caribbean coast of Costa Rica. Local business owners, non-profit organizations, and event organizers can post their upcoming or repeating events in one place for the benefit of both locals and visitors making travel plans.

Español es el sitio oficial de todo lo que está pasando en Puerto Viejo de Talamanca, Costa Rica y la costa Caribe sur de Costa Rica. Propietarios de negocios locales, organizaciones sin fines de lucro, y los organizadores de eventos pueden enviar su próxima o la repeticiónes de eventos en un solo lugar para el beneficio tanto de lugareños y visitantes haciendo planes de viaje.

We just received more rain in the last 72 hours than the monthly average for May. But today is sunny with clear skies!

Roads to the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica are currently open, but heavy rains over the last 72 hours are causing deterioration in some places. A Weather Warning has been issued by The Instituto Meteorológico Nacional (IMN) and it advises that drivers remain vigilant on the roads in the Caribbean area. We will post information here as we receive it. The Limón region has received more rainfall in the last 72 hrs than the monthly average for May.

The Instituto Meteorológico Nacional (IMN) issued a weather warning at 10:00 am this morning, Tuesday, May 12, 2009 for the Caribbean and Northern Zones of Costa Rica, particularly in the areas of Chilamate, Cinchona, Sarapiquí and surroundings, which are experiencing swollen rivers and streams. Limón has accumulated 350 mm in the last 72 hours – equivalent to the average for the entire month.

A steady decline is expected in the afternoon with a return to heavy intermittent rains in the evening with an estimated rainfall of 50-100mm. In the maritime industries, chopped sea waves of 7 ft ( 2.13 m ) are expected. In the Central Valley will have intermittent rain and the slope of the Pacific will not be affected.

The IMN recommends continued vigilance in rivers and streams in the province of Limón and the Northern Region, particularly in Siquirres, Sarapiqui and around Tortuguero, Parismina, Sixaola, Bataan, Matina, Estrada. It warns about the possibility of mudslides and landslides in the mountainous Caribbean, and to take precautions on the roads.

As usual we had gorgeous, sunny weather for March and April. Now we’re starting to get a little rain and cloudy skies as we move into the rainy month of May.

Beautiful weather – clear skies, hot, sunny & virtually bug free air. Been like this for a few days now. Heading into that great Semana Santa weather season when you can just live outside!

Been hot & sunny the last couple of days, with clear skies. Gorgeous beach weather!

Playa Negra Bridge Transito


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Playa Negra Bridge


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Playa Negra Bridge Repair

Playa Negra Bridge Repair

Playa Negra Bridge Repair

The Playa Negra Bridge, at the entrance to Puerto Viejo, is being repaired. This is the new bridge which was put in place to replace the one which washed out during last November’s flooding. Heavy rains on Monday night and rough seas at Playa Negra caused the soil to erode at the north end of the bridge. Early Tuesday morning some light traffic was allowed to pass, and the bridge was then closed in the late afternoon so that repairs could begin. Many 4wd vehicles, motorcyclists, and pedestrians were bypassing the bridge along the shore.


Playa Negra Bridge

Playa Negra Bridge Transito


We had some heavy rain in the early evening which is letting up some now. No flooding yet in the Playa Chiquita area but’s definitely WET…

The Instituto Meteorológical Nacional (IMN) has issued a weather warning for the Caribbean region of Costa Rica. Winds have maintained their intensity and conditions remain unstable.  The Limon and Manzanillo weather stations have reported that a total of 66.7 – 72.3 mm of rainfall accumulated between last evening and this morning, and the rains are persisting. It is forecasted that the morning will remain overcast and cloudy, and although some improvement may occur in conditions in the afternoon, more rain is expected in the evening.

The IMN recommends continued vigilance in areas prone to flooding and landslides in the Caribbean region, as well as caution for swimmers and small boats in the maritime sector due to continued winds and rough seas.

It’s been raining – for days. Oh yes, it’s also been raining, with an additional sprinkling of rain…

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